The art of beautiful writing has been used for hundreds of years to record great events. We continue the monastic tradition by inscribing and illuminating manuscripts using the best materials available and the same time honoured techniques.

Calligraphy is used for everything from wedding stationery; through books of remembrance, to elaborately decorated manuscripts such as Freedom Scrolls and Presentation Books.

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We make hand bound books from small personal memorial books to large volumes, such as Books of Remembrance. The Books use the finest materials and hand made papers and are bound in a traditional manner using the same techniques as the Bibles of old.

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On Screen Memorials

The logical extension of Scribes Plus digital archiving activities, “On-Screen” takes the data created in the archiving process and makes it available in the public domain. Bespoke software running either on custom-built touchscreen terminals or over the internet allows a wide variety of information to be indexed, searched and viewed at will.

Originally developed to enable better access to Books of Remembrance where each inscription has generally been visible only one day per year, the system allows potentially unlimited access to any information or museum collection, (even from remote locations), whilst safeguarding the original data or artefacts.

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